For anyone who doesn't know, Pitch Wars is an incredible event meant to connect authors with prospective mentors, literary agents, and editors. Twice a year they conduct an all out out frenzy called a pitch party with one goal in mind: Get you noticed (and hopefully get you representation).One whole day. Three pitches. All the… Continue reading #PitMad

Something Profound

*Spoiler Alert* There is literally nothing profound in this post. Not that I wouldn't love to have some epic conversation about the writing journey, the unidentifiable bias inherent in Twitter pitches, or my complete confusion of all social media marketing, but yeah...not happening. I even joked with M. L. Eaden (who did in fact write… Continue reading Something Profound

Secondary Characters & the Important Roles They Play

Secondary characters are found everywhere, movies, shows, books. Whether you see them or not, they're there behind the scenes, pushing the story forward. Sometimes they're incredibly well-rounded characters that threaten to steal the spotlight (Charline Montgomery in Sara's Moon) and other times they are purely a plot device (Oliver in Darkness Defined). However they manifest… Continue reading Secondary Characters & the Important Roles They Play