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Been waiting for the next book in the Moons of Mystery series? The wait is over!

Charline’s Solstice is now available for purchase. Grab your copy now!

All Charline wanted was happily ever after. Instead, werewolf politics might tear her and David apart forever.

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Special note: Sara’s Moon will no longer be available on Kindle Unlimited as of October 12th. But don’t fear! You can still purchase the ebook from your preferred retailer including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google Reads.

Sara Sheppard should be dead.

She has no idea how she survived the brutal attack and wants nothing more than to get back to her normal, boring life. But something—someone—is after her and she fears it will return to finish what it started.

Now she is faced with an impossible decision: live the rest of her short life in fear, or trust in a man defined by secrets. Michael appears to hold all the answers, yet those answers are even more unbelievable than her miraculous recovery.

Werewolves aren’t real.
Or at least they weren’t until she was bitten.

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Sara’s Moon

Moons of Mystery Book One is an Urban Fantasy with bite. See how a werewolf serial killer turns one woman’s average life upside down, making her part of a world she had no clue existed. But can she live long enough to enjoy it or will her struggle end in blood? Werewolves, serial killers, Very saucy romance — What more could you ask for?

About the Author

Magic, mystery, & mayhem, S Bolanos has it all. As a genderqueer author (she/they), S enjoys creating worlds that feel as real as they are fantastical and doesn’t shy away from the darkness that makes the light so much brighter. Looking for a more contemporary twist on your favorite tropes? Check out her pseudonym, Lauren Edwards, where every heart deserves an HEA.

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