Camp NaNoWriMo

And other writing goals... So I did it. I completed Hart's Betrayal. Final Word Count: 113,813 Total Chapters: 41 Scenes I missed: 3 ....among other general errors. Now, all that's left--besides actual editing--is to write the sequel. No big, right? I really hope everyone is laughing right now, because you should be. First off, I… Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo

Home Stretch

Full disclosure, this is actually last weeks post that never got uploaded.As I draw to the conclusion of Hart's Betrayal, I'm faced with a few things. First, I did not anticipate Hart's Betrayal becoming two books. Second, I don't like writing endings. And third, while I abhor cliffhangers, I'm ending this book in a hardcore… Continue reading Home Stretch

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: fiction of a type characterized by being very short, typically consisting of only a few hundred words.Oh how I wish I was wired this way. I envy people who are able to take a prompt and just GO. But alas, the whole concept of flash fiction boggles my mind. Even now after staring… Continue reading Flash Fiction