The Perfect Spot

Everyone has that perfect spot. Whether it is the worn out corner of your couch where you binge watch your favorite shows or a sunlit chair to curl up with a good book. For me, the perfect 'writing' spot is at my breakfast table. I've tried many different places including the couch, dining table, and… Continue reading The Perfect Spot

Happy Endings

I have a confession to make: I'm obsessed with happy endings. Whether it's a story someone is telling you, a book, or a movie, I want that nice, pretty bow at the end and all of the feel-goods that come with it. I'm not really sure why either, but over the years it has become… Continue reading Happy Endings

It’s Called Perspective

I lied. It is actually called Point of View, or POV for short. Though the two are not so unrelated as all that. As I sit here and attempt to work diligently on Coming Home (Prequel to Sara's Moon), I find that I am struggling with this; not so much in what to say as… Continue reading It’s Called Perspective