At long last the bug has bit, and I don't just mean that gnarly mosquito that got me the other day. Still itches btw. Anywho, it seems that Diana's Eclipse finally has a heading. To be fair, I've been sitting on the general concept for awhile, but lacked any real drive. All of that changed… Continue reading Inspiration!


Spring is here and it is glorious (also a bit rainy). But who cares! The sun is shining, the grass is green, and we're all celebrating the season. I love enjoying the weather, though in Texas, there are just as many days that are unbearably hot as there are perfect. Either way, it is great… Continue reading Spring

The Journey Intensifies

Figuring out where to actually start in this journey has been the single most frustrating thing I have ever done. The natural assumption is to write a book. Okay: check. In fact, make that seven checks. Now what? I want to be published somewhere somehow. But that's the struggle. Let me lay out some of… Continue reading The Journey Intensifies