Writing for the Weary

Struggling to stay focused? Zero motivation? Every start sound god awful? Yeah, well welcome to the club. I live for the days where writing is a breeze, where not even the Hoover Dam could hold back the flood of inspiration. Every word seems to flow onto the page with a life its own as the… Continue reading Writing for the Weary

Internal Conflict

There is a battle of wills that takes place nearly 24/7 in all of us...against ourselves. Everyday we are inundated with do or do-not decisions. What we chose defines how we live our lives, who we are at our core. Consider it part of the human condition. Now I'm not saying all books have this… Continue reading Internal Conflict

Does Order Matter?

First off, all the apologies for missing last weeks post. It wasn't that I forgot or didn't have an idea, life just sort of...got away from me. Anywho, I'm back and I've got another conundrum for you. Does order matter? Now when I say order, I don't mean reading a series out of sequence (we're… Continue reading Does Order Matter?