The Future of Yesterday

If you read last week's post, you got to see the relative timeline that all of my related books coexist on (Shadow Chronicles, Moons of Mystery, & Moon Shadow Saga). But as I sit and stare at the impressive span of years on my blackboard wall, it occurs to me that the end game is… Continue reading The Future of Yesterday

Timeline…Or Something Like It

As I struggle to find a rhythm in this new year and embrace all of the works that have been clamoring for attention, I find myself distracted by the timeline that resides within these stories. If you have visited the collection page, you no doubt have uncovered that most of my works manage to be… Continue reading Timeline…Or Something Like It

Feedback: Make it Matter

I don't have to tell you just how fragile an author's ego is ... you're reading this, you know. So when it comes to feedback, things can get a bit sticky.Every writer I've ever spoken with all claims they want the same thing--brutal, honest feedback. They must have a thicker skin than me, because I… Continue reading Feedback: Make it Matter