So I get asked all the time (aka earlier today) what got me writing what I do in the first place. Well first off, for those of you who've read the first (or was it the second?) post ever, you already know that the Shades of Power was really initiated by my best friend's dream.… Continue reading Motivation

The Ride

Being a writer is incredibly rewarding. In my books, I am the God of Creation. I am also a spectator with absolutely no power to alter events whatsoever. My job is to follow the path to its ultimate end, that's it; I am at the mercy of my creations. Understandably, being a writer is also… Continue reading The Ride

Do You Believe in Fireworks?

I let out a small squeak of surprise and my hand drifting up to hover uncertainly over what was likely Peter’s shoulder. I had always believed that the tales of fireworks exploding when people kissed was pure exaggeration, something for make-believe and movies. Kissing Peter made me a believer. It was like the summer when… Continue reading Do You Believe in Fireworks?