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Happy Holidays

Winter is always an usual season here in Texas. And in keeping with that, the weather was in high 80s last Friday, will be in the 40s midweek, and….back into the 70s/80s just in time for Christmas. Growing up in the deep South I knew better than to have wish for snow on Christmas (more a sign of the apocalypse than Kris Kringle). But is it really so much to ask for it to be cold enough to wear a sweater. I’m not asking for much, certainly not parka weather, but crisp enough for a decent holiday sweater instead of the miserable humidity we’re likely to have. Is that really so much?


But there are still plenty of things to celebrate. While the year has been a special kind of tough, it has also been rewarding. I published my first ever book, Sara’s Moon: Moons of Mystery Book One, rather ambitiously followed by the sequel in December. Hind sight there are a million and one things I’d do differently. Hopefully, some of those will make the list for my next releases. XD

Available at your preferred retailer:
Available at your preferred retailer:

My to-do list writing wise for 2022 is, per usual, ambitious. I’m anticipating publishing 4 books next year. As Charline Montgomery would say, pretty sure my cheese has slid right off my cracker. But I won’t let that discourage me. I also plan to practice self-forgiveness. If things get off kilter like they did this year, there is nothing wrong with moving dates. After all, I’m the one creating the deadline. Unless I decide to dive back into the querying trenches…

Did I mention that two of the books/novellas would be under my pseudonym Lauren Edwards. So maybe not all the cheese is off my cracker just yet. Worried about missing out? Sign up for my newsletter. You’ll get exclusive access to previews, ARCs, custom content/images, puppy shennanigans w/ photos, and insight to the writing process #theStruggleisReal.

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