Moon Shadow Saga

Charlotte’s Midnight

Charlie had literally spent her whole life being told she was special. And on some level, it might have been true: she was the first werewolf ever born that was part were and part turned. There was one problem: that was all people saw. And as if being some kind of wolf prodigy wasn’t bad enough, her father was the Beta of the North Carolina Pack. She supposed it could have been worse: he could have been the Alpha. All she wanted was to be her own person; except she didn’t know who that was. That was why she had volunteered for the exchange program.

Micah Roman had secrets, some days it felt like too many to count. He had come to Texas under the pretense of generating goodwill with the local pack; however he had his own reasons for agreeing to be some kind of supernatural ambassador. No one here knew him, not really, and he wanted to keep it that way. Then the exchange student showed up. The forbidden attraction was instant. He was the shadow to her light and it seemed that no amount of duty or obligation was going to keep him away.

Darkest Whisper

Alec was finally living his life. Now that he was no longer his brother’s keeper, he could do whatever he liked. On that list was a werewolf who seemed equally inclined. This whole getting to touch the weres thing was proving rather diverting. There was just one horrible hiccup: he hadn’t planned on falling in love. It might not have been so bad if the realization had come with a death sentence for his kind. Alec had a choice to make: follow his heart and let his species finish slipping into obscurity or set aside his own desires and fulfill his duty. It might have seemed like a difficult decision, except Alec Roman had never been irresponsible a day in his life.

New Moon Rising

Lee Heldman was going to be the next Alpha of the North Carolina pack. He had been training under Xander’s tutelage for years. Over that time he had learned some truly terrifying things, none of which he could share with anyone, not his pack, not his family, not even his best friend. It was lonely and starting to make him a little bitter. But if he had thought werewolves were in trouble before, he was in for a rude surprise. Elzibeth Snowrunner was from a pack he had never heard of and she was supposed to be visiting. Except, her story didn’t check out.

Essence of Darkness

All Lyra had ever wanted was to be accepted. Beneath the lunar eclipse she had finally become the person she always knew she was inside and it still wasn’t enough. So she found a different dream, one where it wouldn’t matter who or what she was. She would be a Knight of Nyx and to hell with all the naysayers.

Travis couldn’t be more intrigued with his unlikely one-night stand and when she turned up again at call outs he became more so. This was shaping up to be quite the cat and mouse game. There was just one problem: she would have to be his captain’s granddaughter.

Darkest Embrace

Kit’s story. More to come…

Hart’s Betrayal

In 2115, werewolves are more believable than an ancient family dedicated to hunting them…until
murder comes to town.

Joshua Hart, one of ten Lycan Detectives in the world, has a literal license to kill. When murder comes to Adler Springs, Detective Hart is assigned the case. His only job is to find the culprit and bring them to justice. His assigned Pack Liaison, Elijah Bennett, however, has a different agenda–keep the detective away from the pack at all costs.

On the surface, it’s an open and shut case with the bite mark to prove it. But nothing is ever that simple, not the case and certainly not Josh’s true motives for being there. What should have been an easy assignment threatens to expose the dark world that has molded Joshua Hart into the killer he’s become.

In the search for the killer, more than one truth comes out, including the undeniable attraction burning between the detective and the liaison. Neither can afford the fallout from the relationship, but they can’t fight it either. No matter what they do, they find themselves drawn back together.

Can the budding connection survive the horror of Josh’s past? Or will the truth of his identity be an unforgivable betrayal?

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