Moons of Mystery

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Coming Home

Moons of Mystery, Prequel

Separated by a vast forest and a world that keeps pulling them apart, Tom and Peter must fight to keep their connection alive. Read more…

Sara’s Moon

Moons of Mystery, Book One

An average woman’s life is turned upside down when she’s attacked by a serial killer and turned into a werewolf. Read more…

Charline’s Solstice

Moons of Mystery, Book Two

All Charline wanted was happily ever after. Instead, pack politics might tear her and David apart forever. Read more…

Diana’s Eclipse

Moons of Mystery, Book Three

Diana wants nothing more than to escape her family legacy. But when bodies start turning up with mysterious arrows, she has no choice but to take up the mantle she shunned or pay the ultimate price. Read more…

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Bite Me

Moons of Mystery, Novel

Hyacinth had been ruthless in her quest to fulfill her family’s centuries long mission. But she never believed she’d actually become the one thing she hated most in this world. Read more…

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