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Who wants a cover reveal?

First off, sorry it took so long to get this out, but I wanted to have all the awesome news to share with you! What’s in this month’s newsletter: Cover reveal

  • Audiobook update
  • What’s next
  • Today’s Terrible Typos
  • What I’m reading now

Whoo, this letter is going to be jamb-packed! [side note: no idea if that’s how you actually spell that phrase.] To start things off, I’ve officially finished edits for Knights of Nyx. It felt like it took forever, but that probably has more to do with me procrastinating than anything. If you haven’t already heard, editing is my least favorite part of writing. Some people live for it. Not me. But the important part of all of that is Knights of Nyx is on schedule to release on August 3rd! Haven’t preordered your copy yet? Have a link:

It’s impossible to tell you about the audiobook without making sure you know Zirkle Alexander is killing it. Like, wow, I couldn’t have imagined a better narrator for this story. And the best news of all? He’s onboard for all three books! Production for Darkness Defined has wrapped up and is currently going through quality review now. So keep an eye out for a special update for when it goes live! If you haven’t already followed Zirkle Narration, you’re gonna want to jump on that. Who knows? You might stumble across some surprises!

With the War on Darkness trilogy officially wrapping up, you might be asking “What’s next, Sam?” Welp, I’m working a not-so-secret project that may involve some new covers and even titles for books on my backlist. I’m also plotting out the last few chapters of the next book in the Oak Haven Romance series—All the Hype. And, as if that wasn’t enough, keep your peepers peeled for the long awaited preorder for Diana’s Eclipse! That’s right, I’m finally coming back to the Moons of Mystery and aiming to release the final installment on December 23rd. But I know as much as you love hearing what’s up with me, you’re really here for the cover reveal. So without further ado, I give you The Knights of Nyx:

Today’s Terrible Typos

tinkled vs tickled

grap vs grab

(as in grap that ass)

sign vs sigh

What I’m reading now

Okay, technically I already finished this one

Death of the Moon

I’m a total sucker for detective story. Throw in a werewolf with secrets, and I am there. It’s always a pleasure getting to read a new take on werewolves and the preternatural. S. A. Pavlik does not disappoint in this thrilling first installment of Secrets of the Moon. I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat during this wild ride.

This is the one I’m currently reading

Silence of the Moon

Gonna do my best to not drop any spoilers here. I’m about halfway through and the mystery is already eating up my brain. Cap that off with characters being wonderfully tender with each other and this book is every bit as good as the first. But I’m not gonna lie, I might die of impatience before the third book comes out. Oh! And aren’t these covers GORGEOUS? So, yeah, I bought the paperbacks. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you might have even spied them on my new shelves!

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