Shadow Chronicles

Book 1: Shades of Power

High School devoured the weak and left the remains twitching by the wayside. Vera Scry was determined not to let that happen to her. Except, it already felt like a losing battle and she still had another year and a half. She might have still made it if everything hadn’t gone so horribly upside down one fateful English class. And it wasn’t just her life that was thrown straight into crazy town; she would be enjoying the the company of five other unfortunate souls. High school was hard before, and it had just gotten a whole lot harder.

Popularity sucked. Kyra Hallow just wanted to be herself. As far as she could tell, the only person who didn’t expect her to be prim, proper, and perfect 24/7 was her best friend. She was also the only person who knew she had powers. It was a small fact that didn’t mean much until a professor arrived to recruit them. She thought her life was strange enough, now she was supposed to be some warrior that would fight evil. The whole idea was laughable, except he hadn’t laughed. Seriously, though, where was the camera?

Book 2: A Midnight Conjure

In progress

Book 3: Tribal Affairs

In progress

Book 4: In the Dark of the Light

In Progress

Book 5: The Six

In Progress

Book 6: From the Ashes

In Progress

All books co-authored by S Bolanos & K N Cowser

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