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Storm Moon

The Snow Moon, also known as the Storm Moon, is the given name for the February full moon. It has earned this name due to the typically cold, snowy weather in North America during this month. Another common name is the Hunger Moon. Fun Fact: The Storm (& Snow) Moon is referenced in Sara’s Moon.

clouds under full moon

We walked off a short distance to get away from the handful of people that had spilled outdoors. I took a deep breath and looked up at a night sky spotted with stars. “Where’s the moon?” I asked.
“I guess it hasn’t risen yet. It’s supposed to be a full moon.” Her hair shone copper in the twinkle lights as she leaned back to stare up at the sky. “I think it’s either called a Snow Moon or a Storm Moon. I prefer Snow Moon personally.” She let out a wistful sigh.

~Sara’s Moon

Welcome to 2022. How’s your year shaping up? I hope it’s well. That you’ve found joy in these trying times. Now that we’re officially a full month into it, I confess, I’m with a lot of others with the opinion that January never happened. (shh…don’t tell anyone). That’s not to say the whole 31 days were atrocious, there were definitely some real winners in there, but I often feel like it takes a few weeks to really settle into a new year. Holidays just ended, some of which are the biggest ones for many who celebrate, expectations are easing, everyone is hitting rest and hoping for the best.

I hope you found it.

For me, the month was a bit of a slog. The stress of the previous month bled into January and it was more of a struggle to, well, care. Zapped is a great term to describe how I felt. yet despite that, I finished the first (turns out very rough) draft of a contemporary romance novella that I’ll be publishing under my pen name Lauren Edwards. I’d had every intention of licking my wounds and then getting into revisions with a vengeance. *Moral of that story: read the cooperative notes when working with a collaboration.* Alas, I haven’t quite conquered or even started that quest.


I’ve been a little distracted working on my pride & joy, the first installment of War on Darkness. Like Moons of Mystery, this series will also span three books, but not because there 3 different leads. War on Darkness is a New Adult paranormal romance that follows two college students as they navigate developing powers, a secret plot to kill their kind, & a blossoming attraction. #AndTheyWereRoommates

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