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Not much longer now!

Charline’s Solstice will be coming to a retailer near you (yay internet!) in both digital and paper copy. Stay tuned for pre-order links for the latest exciting addition to the Moons of Mystery.

red blue and green color

All Charline wanted was happily ever after. Instead, werewolf politics might tear her and David apart forever.

Knight in almost shining armor ✔

A perfectly quaint small town ✔

Best sex ever ✔✔

Charline Montgomery has Southern charm in spades. What she doesn’t have is any understanding of werewolf politics. But that’s not about to stop her from accepting her new beau’s offer to spend the summer together at the pack’s House. Not only is David Bringer sexy-as-hell and quite possibly the most incredible man she’s ever met, he also saved her best friend’s life. 

A force to be reckoned with, Charline leverages her culinary skills with the goal of winning over his entire extended family. Considering she didn’t even know werewolves existed a year ago, she thinks she’s doing a pretty good job fitting in. That is…until a blast from David’s past sends everything to hell in a handbasket.

Faster than butter can melt on a hot pan, a lifetime of doubts and insecurities cloud Charline’s sunny disposition. Determined to prove her mama didn’t raise no quitter, she pours on the honey. It might have worked too, except an insurrection seems to be brewing within the pack, turning her furry friendlies into ferocious hostiles. Forget saving her relationship. Charline might not make it out with her life.

This is not the fairytale she signed up for…

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