Charlotte's Midnight, Moon Shadow Saga, The Author

Charlotte’s Midnight

Episode 5 of 500 Words Genre: Paranormal RomanceWord Count: 514Content Warning: NASeries: Moon Shadow Saga, Book One Charlie had literally spent her whole life being told she was special. And on some level, it might have been true: she was the first werewolf ever born that was part were and part turned. There was one… Continue reading Charlotte’s Midnight

Charline's Solstice, Moons of Mystery, Series

Charline’s Solstice

Episode 4 of 500 Words Genre: Paranormal RomanceWord Count: 521Content Warning: N/ASeries: Moons of Mystery, Book Two Charline Montgomery was everything a woman wanted to be. She was strong, independent, and gorgeous. Now if only she could actually believe that. As far as she was concerned, "Fake it 'til you make it," were words to… Continue reading Charline’s Solstice