500 Words

There is this belief in the writing/publishing community that you have 500 words to capture your reader. If you can't hook them by then, they will more than likely put the book down and never return. Spoiler Alert: I disagree. Immensely. Now, this is not some fabricated articulation that I've heard maybe once or twice,… Continue reading 500 Words

Feedback & Why It’s Hard

I've probably covered this a dozen times by now, but this is one of those things that will always be at least a little bit of a struggle. Not just for me. For everyone. Because the truth is feedback is hard, both giving and receiving. Let's start on the obvious side: receiving feedback. Quite frankly,… Continue reading Feedback & Why It’s Hard

Project #12

That's right: 12. As in 1 through 11 are done (mostly). Sure, they still need edit passes, but as a whole they are complete manuscripts, only one of which is a Novella that is actually under my pseudonym. (Totally still counts.) To catch you up, Hart's Betrayal and Hart's Redemption stand complete at a total… Continue reading Project #12