The ramblings of an author as I stumble through this adventure of writing and publishing. Be warned ⚠️ shenanigans will ensue.

My Latest Posts

  • The Countdown Begins
    In approximately six weeks, my debut m/m paranormal romance, Darkness Defined, will be available. For this book, I’ve taken the Kindle Unlimited route and paperback. The paperbacks will be in a matte finish and I couldn’t be more excited to see how they turn out! This will be my first foray into this design, but I’m optimistic they will be stunning. I absolutely cannot wait for readers to get their hands on this story. Darkness Defined is my absolute pride and joy, not to mention my go-to comfort read. If you’re tired of me regaling the world with how much… Continue reading The Countdown Begins
  • Storm Moon
    The Snow Moon, also known as the Storm Moon, is the given name for the February full moon. It has earned this name due to the typically cold, snowy weather in North America during this month. Another common name is the Hunger Moon. Fun Fact: The Storm (& Snow) Moon is referenced in Sara’s Moon. Welcome to 2022. How’s your year shaping up? I hope it’s well. That you’ve found joy in these trying times. Now that we’re officially a full month into it, I confess, I’m with a lot of others with the opinion that January never happened. (shh…don’t… Continue reading Storm Moon
  • Happy Holidays
    Winter is always an usual season here in Texas. And in keeping with that, the weather was in high 80s last Friday, will be in the 40s midweek, and….back into the 70s/80s just in time for Christmas. Growing up in the deep South I knew better than to have wish for snow on Christmas (more a sign of the apocalypse than Kris Kringle). But is it really so much to ask for it to be cold enough to wear a sweater. I’m not asking for much, certainly not parka weather, but crisp enough for a decent holiday sweater instead of… Continue reading Happy Holidays
  • Coming Soon
    Not much longer now! Charline’s Solstice will be coming to a retailer near you (yay internet!) in both digital and paper copy. Stay tuned for pre-order links for the latest exciting addition to the Moons of Mystery. Knight in almost shining armor ✔ A perfectly quaint small town ✔ Best sex ever ✔✔ Charline Montgomery has Southern charm in spades. What she doesn’t have is any understanding of werewolf politics. But that’s not about to stop her from accepting her new beau’s offer to spend the summer together at the pack’s House. Not only is David Bringer sexy-as-hell and quite… Continue reading Coming Soon