The Knights of Nyx

War on Darkness | Three

Alexi is at his wit’s end. Matt is farther away than ever. Alexi can’t pretend that everything will work out, when it so clearly is not. What’s worse is Matt’s hurting and won’t let him in. But Alexi will be damned before he lets the greatest love he’s ever known go without a fight.
Matt’s desperate. He’s done everything he can think of, but he doesn’t feel any closer to keeping Alexi safe… for good. Now he’s stalking his classmates, throwing fights, and the only thing starving more than his stomach is his soul. Not seeing Alexi every day is eating away at him, and the hallucinations are not helping.
Against Matt’s wishes, Alexi dives deeper into the Order of Light. The answers he finds only spawn more questions. Until one revelation turns everything he thought they knew upside down. Now Alexi knows without a doubt: Matt’s in trouble. But it’s near impossible to save someone when they’re nowhere to be found.