Order of Light

War on Darkness | Two

Even with passion hot enough to burn, some days leave Alexi wondering if maybe dating his roommate was a mistake—Matt’s still keeping secrets. Then there’s the small matter of their Battle Tactics class shrinking. Are his fellow Shadow Demons actually disappearing, or is his boyfriend’s paranoia finally rubbing off on him? Then again, maybe he should worry less about his peers and more about what Matt is hiding.

Matt is the happiest he’s ever been. His classes are interesting, and this new thing with Alexi, while unexpected, has him feeling things he never knew he could. He even enjoys researching their mysterious knight, though neither expected to unearth a secret Order or a war not found in any of the demon histories. Life is good. Except someone is watching them.

Matt’s familiar with how awful the world can be, but this feels… darker. Determined to protect Alexi at all costs, Matt abandons their dangerous research into the Order of Light and embarks on a quest to eliminate the threat before it can eliminate Alexi. But it’s not enough. The darkness is closer than ever and nowhere at Arminius feels safe.