Our Secret Winter

Ulwich Preparatory Academy: Two

One look was all it took.

Everyone has their role to play in this world. Calvin Bridges knows that better than most. As the only out and proud gay man at Ulwich Prep, his role is a little more fraught than most, but he hasn’t let that stop him from ruffling a few feathers over the years. Not even the notorious school bully, Benjamin Price, can dim his shine. After all, he knows Benny’s biggest secret.

Benjamin Wallace Price IV – It’s a name. It’s a title. It’s a weight Benny can’t escape. Going to UPA was never a question for him. Neither was playing lacrosse, becoming a prefect, or being top of his class. Being a bully, though, was his decision. There’s always that one person you love to hate. Except… What if he had it backwards?

Calvin and Benny may have enrolled in UPA at the same time and been orbiting each other ever since, but neither is prepared for the changes their final year brings. Can they survive it together or will the school itself become collateral damage of their decade long feud?