Sara’s Moon

Moons of Mystery | Book One

Sara Sheppard should be dead.

She has no idea how she survived the brutal attack and wants nothing more than to get back to her normal, boring life. But something—someone—is after her and she fears it will return to finish what it started.

Now she is faced with an impossible decision: live the rest of her short life in fear, or trust in a man defined by secrets. He appears to hold all the answers, yet those answers are even more unbelievable than her miraculous recovery.

Werewolves aren’t real.

Or at least they weren’t until she was bitten.

Urban Fantasy with Romantic subplot about an ordinary woman who survives an attack by a serial killer werewolf. Now she must come to terms with a world she never knew existed before the killer finishes what they started.

Sara’s Moon is a paranormal mystery with bite. This book does contain graphic imagery, violence, and steamy scenes sure to make you howl.


Great read! I’ve read a ton of werewolf romance novels and this one was my favorite. Between the unique way the shifters change, to the unbelievably relatable main character, this is a book I will return to again and again. I can’t wait for the next book!!

~ Kelci Lemmond