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Project #12

That’s right: 12. As in 1 through 11 are done (mostly). Sure, they still need edit passes, but as a whole they are complete manuscripts, only one of which is a Novella that is actually under my pseudonym. (Totally still counts.)

To catch you up, Hart’s Betrayal and Hart’s Redemption stand complete at a total of 207,629 words. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Understandably, some trimming should probably happen, but that’s a project for another day.

Now, where was I? Right.

Two books down followed by two rejections of Darkness Defined. Solution to horribly demoralizing circumstances: Write the third book Start new project.

Okay, so that obviously wasn’t the original plan, but I’m over 20,000 words into it and kind of loving this story. It follows a witch with visions of the future, though not always his own and a demon of death (that may have spawned the entire celebration of Dia de los Muertos).115826992_283742282833163_1543384761778117353_n

I never imagined how much fun I would have writing an Hispanic character. #OwnVoices …..sort of. I’m Cuban where my character is Mexican, but many of the core family values are similar and the Spanglish Carlos uses reminds me of my own cousins in Miami.

This story breaks the mold in many ways for me. No silent pining. No weird drama around imagined slights. Even actual lies are handled in a mature fashion. No clear cut evil villains with sharp, pointy teeth and murder on the brain. At its core is understanding, sacrifice, and a touch of destiny. People across the verse, I give you….



Courting Death

No one expects to be told how they’re going to die when they’re six years old, least of all by an old woman with white hair and purple eyes. For Theo, it’s par for the course. Seeing the future comes with the territory when you belong to an ancient family of witches. But Theo’s not ready to give up on this amazing life…that he’ll enjoy just as soon as he subverts the prophecy.

Carlos Barrera is used to being feared. When you’re a demon of death, Dia de los Muertos style, and can ferry the dead between the veil, no one wants to get to know the real you. College was supposed to change that, but after almost four whole years away from his meddling family, he hasn’t had much success.

Theo is willing to do whatever it takes to not be dead, including seducing the shockingly harmless Kisin Demon in his history class. The task was simple, earn Carlos’s trust, discover his true name, gain dominion over death, and not die.

But, prophecies are tricky business. Theo knows that as well as any member of his family and self-fulfilling prophecies are the worst. But maybe, he was wrong…


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