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I know all of these updates don’t mean much to some of my readers beyond “Woo! Progress…i think”. That’s okay.  I promise one of these days, the status update will be the link to the buy the book itself. Towards that end, that day is officially closer than ever.

My original goal was to have something, anything published by my birthday in mid June…..last year. That obviously did not happen. Call it life. Call it procrastination. Whatever. Moving forward. New goal: publish a refined Sara’s Moon by the end of the summer. (Optimistically end of July.) Towards that end, I have some real traction.

As of last Thursday (when this post was supposed to be up), I finished revising Sara’s Moon. What I mean by revising: taking a hard look at the story, character development, voice, and plot devices. For the record, that is A LOT harder than it sounds. Bear in mind, this book was technically “finished” last March.

Meanwhile, I have been reaching out to potential editors and looking for a cover artist. Two editors have already given me their edits of the samples I sent and I am reaching out to one more. And I believe I have found a cover artist to design not only Sara’s Moon, but the rest of the Moons of Mystery as well. Her work is fantastic and I look forward to seeing her designs; I know you do too 😉

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P.S. I tend to be a wordy writer. *Surprise* During my revision I managed to cut down SM from 102,000 to 100,200. Even if you don’t understand it, that’s amazing and a really big deal. Don’t worry, all changes and retractions help the overall story.

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