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Let’s Get Real

So I confess, I have been lax about keeping a steady stream of posts coming. Logically, I should have a queue all lined up and ready to publish at a moment’s notice. That obviously is not happening. So for the loyal, I apologize.

The reason for my absence is largely due to the fact that I’m struggling with inspiration at the moment. There are so many things to do on this journey. Create a following, maintain social media, edit, get a real editor (as in not me), commission book covers, research different publishing companies, send out submissions, and so many other facets. If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, it feels that way too.

All I really want to do is write. Never in all my days did I imagine that I would think writing is easy. It certainly feels easier by comparison. Thus we have problem number two: I have no idea what to work on. *see lack of inspiration* Sure there are plenty of started tales I could pick up. Coming Home and 1st Daughter actually have words on a page. I could finish those (or at least try).

Did I do any of that? No. However, I’m almost finished with the summary outline for Essence of Darkness. If you’re asking yourself “Isn’t there another book before that one…that also hasn’t been written?” You would be correct. What can I say? It’s a writer’s life. In the meantime, I have valued test readers demanding more material. Bottom line, I need to get my act together. Stay tuned for more of the struggle. Your support, as ever, is appreciated.

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