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At long last the bug has bit, and I don’t just mean that gnarly mosquito that got me the other day. Still itches btw. Anywho, it seems that Diana’s Eclipse finally has a heading.

To be fair, I’ve been sitting on the general concept for awhile, but lacked any real drive. All of that changed as I was putting my groceries in the car Sunday afternoon. It is always the most mundane activities that free the mind.

assorted vegetables
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So there I am battling with forty pounds of dog food and wondering why people can’t seem to put things in bags in the same order you put them on the belt. Then this little voice in my head who is not helping with this dilemma in the least pipes up with a “Hey, what if this happened. That could be an epic way to let the cat out of the bag, or wolf as it were.”

I dropped my philosophical pondering on the ethics of bagging and was immediately like “Holy snap that would be epic.” I quickly finished unloading the cart, went home, put away the groceries, and began scribbling notes, even opened a new scrivener file.

No actual chapters yet–I still want to finish editing Sara’s Moon first–but we’ve definitely got the makings of an outline going. In fact we have 2114 words worth of an outline so far. Now the goal is to stay on track and finish the edits (hopefully in the next week or so) and actually have a few chapters written by the time June rolls around.

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