Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Shadow Chronicles

S Bolanos & K N Cowser

They had no idea where this journey would end when they started. All they knew was that it was too late to get out now. With every task, they became more entrenched in a fantastical world just as corrupt as the one they had come from. Apparently, being magical didn’t do much in the way of keeping the peace. In fact, it seemed just as likely to start a war. But was it one they would survive?

Moons of Mystery

It seemed that over night she had been thrust into a world where the things that went bump in the night, bumped back. Werewolves weren’t real. And yet, there he was casually proclaiming he was one. Could this night get any stranger?

War on Darkness

Matthew Duncan had been called a devil, a demon, and worse his whole life. But that was just a figure of speech. Demons weren’t real.

If only that had stayed true.

Now he finds himself caught up in a war that has raged for centuries. The mystery and conflict drag him deeper into a world he had never known…hidden in the shadows. And there in the darkness, the only person who might be able to get him out of this alive.

Kisin Novels

Long ago, Kisin Demons were dubbed Soul Eaters. Used to clear battlefields of the wounded and dying, many supernaturals feared them for their ability to remove a soul and force it to the other side. Contrary to this heinous reputation, Kisin are revered in their native community during the ultimate celebration of those that have passed on—Dia de los Muertos.

Moon Shadow Legacy

The world was such a simple place before the wolves met the demons. Now the night held terrors that threatened their very way of life. Who would have guessed that the shadows themselves would have enemies?


It was a tradition as old as the kingdom. Brides were stolen, that was the end of it. In one fateful night, the heir apparent would step through the Echo into Vale and return with a bride. The mission was simple and planned down to the finest detail. But when the king-to-be returned, he had two.