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Camp NaNoWriMo

So, April 1st launched the start of a month long writing endeavor. If you recall, there was a similar program that I participated in last year. Let the record show, that the official National Novel Writing Month is in fact in November. But let’s face it, #WritingCommunity loves any and all excuses to band together and write!

The main difference between the set up for then and the set up for April (and July) is that for the national event, there is a preset goal of 50,000 words. This high number is meant to push and inspire writers to dig deep and give it all they’ve got. Some writers accomplish this lofty goal and have the proof that they can do it, they can actually write a novel if they set their mind to it. Some hit 50,000 and realize there’s a lot more story to go (yours truly). Then of course, some don’t hit it at all and that’s still great too.


However, if you happen to fall in that last category because you felt the number was too high, then maybe you’ll appreciate the altered structure a little more. Because the great news for the Camp version is that you get to set your own goal! You heard me. You pick the number. Only feel up to 10,000 words? Good for you. 5,000? No worries. 100,000? Go you! The point is that you’re writing. I went with 25,000 in case anyone was wondering.

On the status report side. I’m on day 3 of Camp NaNo and have already added over 10,000 words to Hart’s Betrayal. Still debating whether or not my declared word count was too high or too low… That may sound odd, but I’m also trying to find a stopping point for this book.

**Spoiler Alert**

Hart’s Betrayal will have a sequel: Hart’s Redemption

Anyway, yeah that’s me.

On a fun, slightly depressing note, I heard back from an editor with an established press about my Sara’s Moon submission. The great news is that while it was rejected, she gave notes. The awful news, is that it was rejected…and she gave notes.

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