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A genderqueer author, S (she/they) enjoys creating worlds that feel as real as they are fantastical, and doesn’t shy away from the darkness that makes the light so much brighter. Her passion for fantasy and the supernatural has given rise to stories where the mystery is just as riveting as the romance.

S is of Cuban-American descent; born in Miami, FL, raised in Mobile, AL. They currently live in Texas, a startling eight miles from everything, as the saying goes. Their two Labradors keep them company (whether they want company or not), and their supportive husband is invaluable when it comes to working out sticky plot points.

Their characters are lively, well-rounded, and reflect the conflicts we all face, albeit with a supernatural twist. Readers can look forward to many stories within the same universe that reach into the past and stretch all the way to the future. Welcome to the adventure!

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